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I’m Jennifer Enright. I grew up in a small town Washington state. As a child I enjoyed nature, creativity, arts, self exploration. It wasn’t until my adult years after experiencing my own trauma that I was inspired to help others find their way. I love seeing others thrive and empowering them to lead their best lives.
It is my mission to have a positive, empowering, impact on 1 million people. I have spent over 25 years studying with high achievers and millionaires to create my unique mentoring program. 
In this program, we will create a unique experience to guide you through leveraging your biology, neurology, and psychology for high performance and to lead their best lives. My program will help you integrate in high performance habits and traits that high performers use to get massive results.
If you are feeling stuck or in survival mode or need to get out of your own way, this could be the program for you. Because of my wide range of skills and knowledge, I am able to become essentially 12 different coaches wrapped up in one. And instead of having 12 different coaches giving you conflicting advice, you have one streamlined approach that works.

Program 1 - High Performance Habits and High Achievers Strategy

This program is a 2 month program in which we focus on high performance habits, traits, and strategies that high achievers utilize to create the edge that leads them to success.
Program length – 2 months program
Weekly 90-minute sessions and additional offline support

Program 2 - High Performance ++ with Leveraging Biology (optimizing biology)

This program includes everything from theHigh Performance Habits and High Achievers Strategy and includes additional guidance on how to work with and leverage your biology and optimizing your health and performance.
Program length – 3 months 
Weekly 90-minute sessions and additional offline support

Program 3 - Six Month Intensive Program

This program leveraging and optimizing your biology, neurology, and psychology and teaching you high performance habits, achievers and strategy in a customized approach.
6 month program
Weekly 90 minute phone calls 

Program 4 - Deep Dive Package

The 12-month program is more advanced, it is a deep dive program 
Weekly 90-minute phone calls with all access, intensive support as needed.
In this program, we cover everything from the 6th-month program and also cover advanced deep dive sessions and how to optimize at a higher level.

Half day session

Laser focused strategy session to solve or make traction on a specific issue or struggle or goal and give strategy from that goal.

The Best Experience Ever

Jennifer has the amazing ability to laser focus in on what makes you unique and how to leverage that uniqueness to your advantage. While working with her I've seen my confidence, productivity, and profits soar. She is an amazing coach & mentor.
Melody Spencer
Social Media Marketing Strategist

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